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SOLE Champions Fund Bursaries

The SOLE Champions Fund provides bursaries to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to benefit from schools that use the SOLE methodology in their classrooms.

2019 Grants Awarded

“Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” library project

Math Literacy Initiative

Technology Grant to Mitra Academy

2020 Grants Awarded

Bursaries for ten Alexandra pupils to attend Mitra Academy

Guidelines for your Grant Application

Credit: Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Be Innovative & Creative

The Foundation seeks fund projects that have a clear element of originality. The grant application should reflect creative, innovative, and/or effective use of practices, tools, personnel, or other resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Outline the specifics

We look for thoroughly detailed proposals where a step-by-step plan and budget is outlined to either engage students in deep, multi-step learning, or to engage teachers in growing and developing their craft, expanding their skills. The steps of the project should be clear to any reader, and each budget item should clearly relate to the objectives of the project.

Stay on theme

Most often, only ONE theme, excellent teaching or deep learning, is truly the focus of a project. It is not advantageous to list “both” if only one population is the target of the specific project that will take place (students or teachers). It must be clear about what the specific project and funding will accomplish as it relates to the theme.

Engage your target population

The central focus of Deep Learning projects should involve work with students and should apply to grade-level objectives. The central work of Excellent Teaching projects should involve work with teachers that relate to teaching practices (i.e. not general strategic planning, surveying or non-teaching committees, etc.).

Have a clear timeline

The foundation provides funding on a year-to-year basis, and the project’s activities must take place during a one-year period after the grant is awarded. Please detail each step of the project and what is to occur at each step. Make sure your projected timeline is reasonable and achievable. Also allow enough time for our grant review process to take place - the dates for the review cycles are listed out on the grant category page you choose below.

Plan outcomes, then measure up

The outcomes you envision are most powerful when there is a direct connection to the theme chosen, and every budget item clearly supports the intended outcomes. Also include a plan for how you will assess and measure the outcomes of the project using research-based data once it is complete.

Application Process

  1. Create an account on our online application system – click the Apply button below to begin.
  2. Complete the application fully and accurately, including uploading detailed budget documents, etc. You can download a PDF version of the questions that you will answer if desired. You can also download these budget templates or use your own.
  3. Upload a Letter of Endorsement with signature from a superintendent on district letterhead – this is required for every grant application. If you are an organization working with a public school, you must also upload a Letter of Endorsement from the Chief Executive of your organization.
  4. Submit the application by one of the application deadlines listed in the calendar above.

Notification of the Institute’s decision is typically sent the fourth Wednesday of the month after the application deadline. Decisions can be found on your dashboard and are communicated via an email to the main contact organization provided.

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